Castle Kostel

City of Kostel is small city in valley of river Kupa which is first mentioned in files iin 1336 as „Castrum Grafenwarth“ what is translated as fort. Another written mention is in year 1449 under the name Costel. On the place of todays castle there was a fort which Habsburg family used for aditional defense of their teritorry from year 1247 to year 1325. Old files show that the city of Kostel was so important in history that even had its own court with allowance of using death penalty for thiefs and smugglers. In the year 1456 the castle is given back to its former owners, the Habsburg family , after the reing of dukes of Celje and in year 1456 Kostel was given allowance to start organizing local fair. This castle used as a defense from Ottoman empire which marches were depicted in the mitology of Kupa valley as one of the greatest achievemnts of local legend Petra Klepca.